Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement Services

At Bits N PC’s, we specialise in professional laptop screen repair and replacement. Our experienced technicians have the skills, tools and high-quality parts to get your laptop screen up and running again.

A professional image of a laptop needing a screen replacement or repair because it is broken or cracked

Common Laptop Screen Issues We Repair

  • Cracked or damaged screens
  • Display problems like flickering, lines or discoloration
  • Dead, dark or bright pixels
  • Impact or pressure damage
  • Connection problems with display cables
  • Water or spill damage

Our technicians will accurately diagnose the issue and determine if your screen needs repair or full replacement.

Why Choose Our Laptop Screen Repair Services?

Experienced Professionals – Our technicians are experts in display repair and replacement. We know how to safely remove and install new screens.

Quality Parts – We source high-quality, OEM-grade replacement screens for optimal compatibility and performance.

Fast Turnaround – Most screen repairs are completed within 24 hours so you don’t have to be without your laptop.

Cost-Effective Pricing – Our pricing is very competitive, especially for older laptop models. Ask about pricing for your specific repair.

Warranty on All Work – We stand behind our service with a 6-month warranty on all laptop screen repairs and replacements.

Laptop Screen Replacement Process

Our trained techs use speciality tools and methods to properly remove your old screen and install a new replacement screen without causing any damage to the laptop.

  • Remove plastic bezel and LCD frame
  • Disconnect and remove display cables
  • Remove old LCD panel and install replacement
  • Reconnect display cables and test new screen
  • Reassemble laptop carefully

We source replacement LCD panels from reputable manufacturers that meet original OEM specs for the best fit and display quality.

How to Schedule Laptop Screen Repair

Contact Bits N PC’s to schedule your laptop screen repair or replacement. We can provide a quote based on your laptop model and the needed repair. Get your laptop’s screen fixed properly and affordably by the professional technicians at Bits N PC’s!