MSI Forge 100R Custom Build Gaming PC

Custom Build Gaming PC
Here we go again 🤩 another Custom Build 💪
Parts have just arrived and the PC will be ready for collection later on today by the customer❗️
👉Our technician Peter who specialises in custom builds delivers Dream Customs within just few hours from receiving all parts 😮
🔥3060 GeForce RTX Graphics🔥
🔥AMD Ryzen CPU🔥
And we are going to use a Motherboard Asus Prime A320M-K from customer old PC.
Picture of finished Build to follow later on. 😎
No photo description available.
🔥And it’s here🔥
We came a across a little trouble with the PC yesterday and we had to order one more thing to get it up and running💪
But we did it❗️and we love it😍 just before it’s collected here’s a shot of this little beauty 😎
We always check our builds before giving it away to the customer
👉we make sure all parts are in full working order
👉or if they do fit in with the parts we ordered even though they are all brand new…
hence the time slide on this build. We were missing some brackets and we had to order them ASAP so the customer won’t have to wait another day for collection. 😊
No photo description available.

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